Enjoy the flexibility of playing all the characters in the GTA 5

There is always a lot of confusion while playing the modern day games with multiple characters that are part of the game. You could not change the character once you have selected the car. Have you ever felt that you should have chosen a different car while you are playing the game at the shopping malls where the play station games are made available for you? The same would be the situation with the online games that are usually played by you on the PC or Consoles or the mobile phones. This sort of fixing on the character without having to change the character in the middle of the game might be boring.

Sometimes, the character that you have chosen might be performing well due to which you may not be getting the strong opposition in the game due to which you do not have a chance to play the less thrilling or less action oriented game until the opponents give up in the game. This is when you would like to change the character and help the other opponents to get stronger and then continue with your game plan. This sort of changing the characters in the game is possible only with the GTA 5 Mobile which you could play whenever you want some relaxation from the routine work or want to explore a new game that is more interesting.
The added advantage in this game is that you could play the game in a way that you have the complete control on the three characters of the game than to stick to one single character or change from one character to the other. Hope you would enjoy playing all three characters at a time like you play the chess on both the sides.